Coming Home to Your True Self

We create homes in perfect energetic symbiosis between inhabitants, environment and land.

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Envision for a moment…

That you are embraced day and night inside a personalized living sanctuary, an expression of your at-homeness in this beautiful world.

Where the artificial lines between your deepest serenity and the flow of the natural landscape dissolve.

Where science and spirituality blend and create something altogether new, numinous and peaceful.

Where, as never before, you effortlessly experience physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness, immersed in balance, harmony and inspiration at every touch, with every glance, cradled in the most advanced and invisible regenerative technologies.

New Gaia Living is nothing less than your localized actualization of Utopia.

Channeling the holistic intelligence of Mother Nature into architectural form, New Gaia creates a unique fusion of ancient wisdom, sacred earth connection, personalized constitutional design, advanced green technologies, and futuristic biophilic engineering and design. In this way, our work, and your home becomes a model of optimal energetic balance and sustainability for future generations on Earth.

Your New Gaia home offers you a breathing, healing, holistic environment that awakens the wells of your own infinite nature to continually nurture your connection to the nourishing energy of life itself.

Beyond Green

New Gaia consults for partners, developers, builders, architects, engineers and more to help clients create unique and breathtaking designs, green engineering systems, permaculture techniques and high vibrational energetic spaces.

Universal Energetic

New Gaia designs bespoke spaces based on the planetary and energetic constitution of each inhabitant and that of the land. All that you are, beyond conscious knowingness will be reflected in your home.

Energy Mapping
Land Selection

Land selection - Based on personalized and Earth energy mapping, the New Gaia team can help you find land that matches your vibrational frequency for the highest sacred energy pairing for you, your home and the property.

Ancient Wisdom

New Gaia ceremonially embraces your land to create a sacred connection between property and home. Ancient wisdom modalities are employed to listen, bless and ask permission to the land prior to construction for energetic compatibility between Earth, home and inhabitant.


New Gaia designs homes and communities as complete regenerative systems with full consideration of life cycle costs– a complete break from current, traditional methods.

Scientific & Psycho-Spiritual

New Gaia homes and facilities surpass any design or structure on the market by creating spaces that scientifically and fundamentally provide positive effects physiologically and psycho-spiritually to their inhabitants.

Net Positive

Using cutting edge technology, New Gaia’s engineers use site specific climatic data to calculate with precision the type of energy systems that should be used to make a structure net zero energy or better.

Biomimicry & Nature

Gaia homebuilding is integrated into the natural world – building around, blending with and contributing to the nature-scape and living systems of the surrounding environment.

Harmonic Living

Gaia homebuilding is profoundly personal - bespoke and designed to be in complete harmony with the local natural setting and life systems - interactive “living” environments for home-dwellers.

We are deeply passionate about our role as leaders in sustainable and regenerative design, building life-changing homes for humans in symbiosis with life-systems, for the good of all beings and returning to a natural living relationship with Gaia.

Our Vision

We bring an elite, unprecedented and diverse team spanning engineering, materials science, architecture, life-systems sciences, ergonomics, and financial expertise regarding Environmental Social Governance investing. We are uniquely positioned to lead the building and development industries in constructing life-affirming, conscious-centric work and home experiences.




We work with any scale of project from a single home to a village or an entire city.

With a reputation of being the ‘Tesla of homes’, New Gaia specializes in biophilic, luxury eco-homes and developments designed to bespoke planetary and energetic alignment, utilizing custom specifications and conscious design with the highest efficiency energy, water, and waste systems. Whether your aim is a new build or renovation of an existing dwelling, New Gaia will support the entire endeavour with our international team of experts.

You will be assigned a specific project manager to support you with all of your needs throughout the process.

Our homes and buildings are built of natural, non-toxic and highly resilient materials, built to last hundreds of years. The construction, weather specific design and permaculture principles assist in providing your basic needs such as energy, water, and food.

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Who We Are

We are a team of visionary leaders, revolutionary builders, architects, eco technicians, innovators and artisans devoted to forging new paths in regenerative living and design. We have extensive experience building, retrofitting and redesigning homes, communities and cities across the globe. We’re committed to serving the health and sustainability of the planet and humanity and have spent decades cultivating the wisdom, knowledge and technical skills to manifest this vision with the best in class across all fields.

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Our Team

Ricardo Peralta

Lead Architect

Our master architect, Ricardo uses design as a means of human transformation, consciousness ascension and sacred coherence. Trained in urban design in TU Darmstadt Germany, Ricardo, a Mexican native, he honed his architectural skills in his home country mastering the design methods used by ancient cultures to harness the energetics of the land and elements. This study took him to over thirty countries around the world. He is driven by the conviction that life-affirming spaces are fundamental to co-creating heaven on Earth.

He works with governments, individuals and organizations in projects that aim to influence cultural perspectives and reimagine collective change.

His work integrates Biophilic Design, integrative health and Feng Shui. It spans from the most technologically advanced, creative districts in Asia, to entire cities designed in accordance with the energetics of the land in Mexico ( two of them in development and expected to house 40,000 families) to whole-system multigenerational communities in the USA, designed for residents to recharge their spirit and for life to flourish.

Maurizio Landolfi

Lead Engineer

From his headquarters in Italy, Maurizio’s expertise lies in zero-energy as well as carbon- neutral and renewable buildings, with a focus on comfort and luxury. For over a decade, his buildings have leveraged all forms of renewable energy, circumventing excess expenditure. His work has consisted of amalgamating information, technology, renewable resources, innovation, comfort, luxury and Italian design - and through his unique engineering skill sets, helping to create a sustainable and hopeful new world. Since 2007 he has been involved in energy efficiency and renewable energies He has several studies published in National and International Universities on the subject of energy efficiency and NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.)

Jon Alexander

Lead General Contractor

Jon Alexander, a 4th generation contractor, is the President of Sunshine Construction LLC and has been a general contractor for the past 37 years. He is heart centred and passionate about building that expresses soulful service to humanity all life and our Earth. Jon’s company completed Built Green’s first 5-Star new construction & remodel projects. He is one of the founders of the Northwest Eco Building Guild and has given countless presentations and workshops on green building at local and national conferences. He helped develop and teach an eight-week training class on Healthy Homes for Building & Design Professionals. Jon has a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Washington.

Satyen Raja


Chairman of New Gaia, is a remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality. He combines the power of the warrior and the wisdom of the sage to guide and mentor leaders worldwide into their highest self-knowledge, self-expression and impact. He supports our team in cultivating and curating the frequency, purpose and direction of our grand mission.

Hinnerk Boriss


CEO of New Gaia, Dr. Hinnerk Borriss is a heart-centered, high-level business thinker who has the ability to translate global care into the minutiae and financial details in the organizations he leads. With broad experience leading health and wellbeing technology companies, he specializes in aligning all strata of gatekeepers and decision-makers to d streamline organizational goals. Additionally, he is uniquely inspired to cultivate and harmonize the relationship between humanity and the natural world, and is excited to grow New Gaia into a global leader of regenerative and innovative engineering and design.

Bianca d’Errico

Lead Business Developer

Bianca is the Business Developer and Client Communications Officer for New Gaia Greentech. She has a profound devotion to ensuring the safety of our beautiful planet and to forging new and disruptive paths in the construction and building industry. She joined with New Gaia because of her deep desire to partner with this unique, global, groundbreaking team. She has long standing experience both in developing human relationships within organizations, connecting people and companies together, and growing world changing companies. She brings a unique heart and a passion for the natural world into making a meaningful difference in all her endeavors.

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